Paranormal investigations have become so routine in America that universities should start offering degrees in the subject. A compelling video recently surfaced that appears to have picked up an unknown voice in a creepy dwelling give a shoutout to the Gem State.

An electronic voice phenomenon ("EVP") is a sound emitted from an unknown source that is picked up by instrumentation used by paranormal investigators. In this community, the audio is thought to have come from a spirit.

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Humans have been attempting to educate themselves on the subject of life after death for centuries. Reality shows like Ghost Hunters, which has been airing for almost 20 years now, have turned millions of people into novice specter inspectors.

I recently scrolled upon a YouTube video from a few days ago that was uploaded on the channel of American Ghost Project. It's a short clip that shows a paranormal investigator appearing to be soliciting responses through EVPs from an unknown entity. It's obvious by the surroundings that the dwelling this experiment is being conducted in is abandoned and very old, and certainly fits the description of what a haunted location might look like.

"Let's have that conversation," are the words asked by the investigator. The response he receives is translated as, "Idaho" by the man. The exchange takes place after the man asks if he is communicating with a "negative entity."


What do you think of the audio? Do you believe the voice says something other than "Idaho?"

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