Nine of the top ten fastest-growing boomtowns in America are in the West.  Eight of those nine are in Idaho, Utah, and Nevada.  The West and the South dominate the top 25.  I came across this story from the Coeur d’Alene Press.  It got the paper's attention because the hometown is listed as third.  Boise is second.  Idaho Falls is 13th.  Why are people moving here?

I suppose it’s because we don’t have massive homeless encampments that stretch for miles.  People aren’t using our streets as their toilets.  We don’t have many smash-and-grab flash mob crimes—the crimes we do have to get prosecuted.  Social workers aren’t replacing police.  None of this requires a rocket scientist to figure out people are voting with their feet.  They like lower tax and regulatory burdens.

Meanwhile, country singer Jason Aldean has summed it all up in music.  And the liberals still clinging to blue state policies are accusing him of threatening violence and calling him a racist.  You can watch his work by clicking here.

You can’t count the coven at a TV program called The View when it comes to being annoyed by the song.  Co-host Joy Behar says liberal enclaves give us much more than we offer them.  Where does she think her groceries come from?  Fifth Avenue?  Then she claimed Aldean was sowing division.  Co-host Sonny Hostin didn’t help the cause of unity when she called Macon, Georgia racist.  There’s a reason their network is called the Almost Broadcasting Company.

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