There aren’t necessarily more lions, there are surely more houses.  Those homes are filled with more people.  That means more eyes to see lions.  I broached this topic last week, but I believe it’s the most likely explanation for the surge in recent sightings in the Magic Valley.

A couple of years passed before I drove through the intersection of Hankins Road and Falls Avenue.  Then one day I was headed north on Hankins and turned left and headed west.  There was an entirely new neighborhood behind the old Boy Scout headquarters.  One of many when it comes to recent developments.

Why Do I See Them During the Day?

Additionally, there are more daytime sightings here and in the Wood River Valley.  Maybe because more noises are waking and spooking the animals.

I’m not one of those nagging environmentalists who despise my fellow men for expanding into the hinterlands, but if you’re going to live in the forest, you may encounter the three bears.

Learn to Share the Land

The advice we get from law enforcement and Idaho Fish and Game still applies.  Don’t think you’re going to play with the kitty.  The big cat doesn’t want anything to do with you, and some simple safety steps can go a long way in avoiding a tragic outcome, which usually doesn’t favor the beautiful lions.  We hear much more about the animals being destroyed than we do about attacks on people.  Let’s keep it that way and mind our own business.  I thought I would never use the word, but we can coexist.

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