Anytime we have to go out into a public setting in Twin Falls there's the chance we could cross paths with one. Entitled, loud, and unfiltered, the "Karens" of the world are wandering streets in every city in America just pining for the opportunity to speak their minds.

Having lived in Twin Falls for a number of years, I've had my share of interactions with southern Idaho "Karens." One slang definition I came across online describes a "Karen" as "an aggressive, entitled, racist, middle-aged person, usually a woman." I'm not sure "racist" is an adjective that needs to be associated with all "Karens," but lord knows I've seen them in full, ignorant glory.

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Grocery stores are like vaults for "Karens." Sure, you're gonna run into several in downtown Twin Falls (some run the shops), but markets appear to be where these individuals are most comfortable bending a stranger's ear or insulting an employee's intelligence.

"Karens" are the most impatient, obnoxious, and intolerable humans on Earth, and generally explode into odious-type behavior because they've had to wait too long for something, they've interpreted something said to them incorrectly and taken offense, or they're hangry. I once had a Twin Falls "Karen" reprimand me for playing music in my kayak on the Snake River on a jam-packed, summer afternoon.

Where in Twin Falls have you encountered the most "Karens"? Is there one instance that stands out more than others, and why?

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