The Boise Music Festival is going to be huge in 2023, and you along with your best friend could get in for free!

How to Get into the Boise Music Festival for Free

The event this year is going to be packed with local bands and popular headliners from multiple genres. Ticket prices range from $30 to $185 depending on the experience you want, but if free is your favorite 4-letter word, then we're here for you. You can get multiple entries below for a chance at your free tickets.

To get the bonus code for the Rhino Rush Events, visit us at these locations and dates:

  • April 29th from 11-1 at Oasis Stop n Go - 890 Washington Street S. (corner of Washington and Orchard)
  • May 13th from 11-1 at Oasis Stop n Go - 1310 Addison Ave E.
  • May 20th from 11-1 at Oasis Stop n Go - 890 Washington Street S. (corner of Washington and Orchard)

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