Crazy things happen every day around the world, but a fight between 2 women at a popular California beach was next-level insane.

You can watch the video below, the naughty bits are blurred out so you can safely watch at work, and see the events as they unfold.

Naked Lady at California Beach Fights Another Woman

As with many videos online, you don’t get the whole story. The fight is already happening when this video starts so you don’t know what started it, why the one lady is naked, and why the other lady carries around medieval weapons at Venice Beach. The video may show as restricted because it is a fight and some swear words are heard but there is no nudity shown. Click the video and hit mute to watch it safely at work or home - but make sure you come back here for a breakdown of the video.

After watching the video, shared by TMZ, you probably have the same questions as the rest of the internet. Some explain the whole situation as just another day at Venice Beach, which is fair I guess. Others can’t fathom that the clothed lady had not one, but 2 clubs to fight with - and lost both of them! This brings us to maybe the best part of the video when the naked lady gets both weapons and does the strut of victory.

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Other key points in the video that shouldn’t be ignored: the dude in the background with the monkey backpack or stuffed animal on his chest, the dozens of people who don’t react at all (especially the first guy in the blue hat who walks by oblivious to the events happening on the pathway), and maybe the biggest point of question: how did the naked lady get hit so many times by the weapons and not end up covered in blood? Were the spikes on the mace fake?

Credit TMZ YouTube
Credit TMZ YouTube

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We aren’t sure why the woman was naked or why she decided to fight the mace-carrying lady, but we wouldn’t be surprised if drugs or a mental issue were partially to blame. FYI, Venice Beach is not one of the legal nude beaches in California.

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