Idaho isn’t like Australia, where everything is out to kill you, but a lot of the creatures in the state will kill you if they want.

Between the animals, bugs, plants, and the occasional angry neighbor Idaho has a lot of dangerous things you have to watch out for when you head outdoors. But many of the wildlife aren’t normally seen as being a danger to humans. That changes today.

Idaho: You Didn't Know Elk Would Do This to a Cougar

Some of the most dangerous animals in Idaho are predators like bears, coyotes, and mountain lions. It may be easy to forget that other large animals like moose and elk are also extremely dangerous in the right situation.

While this video isn’t filmed in Idaho, at least not that we could tell, it could easily be a situation in the Gem State. Elk are abundant in the state and mountain lions are a common threat. Watch this elk fight a mountain lion on a mountain and, surprisingly, appear to win.

DISCLAIMER: If you don’t want to see animals fight and get injured, do not watch the video.

It appears that the mountain lion has already won one fight as it is holding the limp body of another elk, possibly the baby of the bigger one. The bigger elk is seen stomping on the mountain lion, and sadly it lands at least two solid hits to the other elk as well.

The video ends with the elk running off and leaving the bodies of the cougar and smaller elk on the ground as the Mountain Lion takes its final breath.

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We aren't sure where the video was taken. It has links in the description to the Maasai Mara in Kenya and Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland. Neither of those locations have elk or mountain lions.

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