A Grizzly Bear has been spotted in a section of Idaho near the Montana border. The area is a known spot for black bears, elk, moose, mountain lions, and wolves but this is the first confirmed sighting of a Grizzly.

The bear was caught on a trail camera and shared with Idaho Fish and Game to confirm that it was a Grizzly.

Confirmed Grizzly Bear Sighting is a First for this Idaho Location

The big bear was spotted in Game Management Unit 59, which touches the Montana border on the north side down to Highway 22 at Dubois for the southern border of the unit. From East to West it runs along I15 on the East and stretches to Beaverhead on the West.

This is the first time a Grizzly Bear has been seen in this area of the state and West of I15. While it is a first, it isn’t a surprise.

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Bear populations are growing and forcing the species to spread out to new lands. The proximity of the sighting to Beaverhead and Targhee National Forests and Yellowstone being only a few miles away made the invasion of Grizzlies only a matter of time.

For hunters, Grizzlies are still not included in the hunter plans. You can hunt in the area, but the deadline for controlled hunt applications for deer, elk, pronghorn, swan, turkey, and fall black bear closed today, June 5th.

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