Lagoon has been working on their new roller coaster, Primordial, for about 5 years and the end is in sight. They haven’t posted any new information about the ride for a few months, but thanks to visitors with cameras and a few questions on social media we do have a good look at the outside of the ride and a little info on when it will open.

I usually go to Lagoon once a year, and I’m waiting to go this year until Primordial opens. That may be in a few weeks or it may be a few months, but I’m waiting. I’ve been checking YouTube videos and the Lagoon Amusement Park Facebook page daily to find updates. Lagoon has been pretty mum about the progress, but YouTube is loaded with new videos. I’ll post some of those below, but first, let’s get to the latest blurb of info from Lagoon about Primordial.

Does the Primordial Roller Coaster Open at Lagoon this Year?

On the Lagoon Facebook Page, you won’t find a post about Primordial unless you go back to March - but they did just share a little hope thanks to a question in a comment under an unrelated post. So, we have Jenny Merrill to thank for this tiny glimmer of hope. Jenny asked ‘When will Primordial be opening’ and Logoon responded in true teaser fashion with just 3 words. Check out the short exchange:

Credit Lagoon Facebook
Credit Lagoon Facebook

The question from Jenny and the comment from Lagoon sparked speculation from another commenter, Tyson Washburn, who thinks the ride will open around August 17th. Fingers crossed that Tyson is right or close in his guess.

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Until that day does come, these are the latest YouTube videos showing the progress on the Primordial roller coaster, and it really looks awesome!

This video from Utah Coasters is one of the best at showing the ride and the area around it.

Test run videos on the ride started popping up in May. This one shows the first 20 seconds of the ride:

When do you think Primordial will open? Will it be better than Cannibal or Colossus?

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