Her political opponents called it a stunt.  Maybe, but it’s also significantly raised Janice McGeachin’s profile.  The Idaho Lt. Governor made international headlines when she was filling in as acting Governor.  The woman from Idaho Falls issued an executive order banning mask mandates in Idaho.  While there was never a statewide mandate, her statement would limit local governments, schools and health districts from any actions.

When Governor Brad Little came home from a conference in Nashville, he countermanded the order.  Little also criticized the action by McGeachin as a stunt and an affront lo local government control.  This after he issued an order barring local COVID passports!  The pot calling the kettle black.

McGeachin annoys liberal news media in Idaho.  The vast majority of Idahoans are conservatives and liberal news media annoys them.

When she announced creation of a task force to ferret out woke culture in state colleges and public education, newspaper editors were apoplectic.

Here’s a question.  How many people get their news from local newspapers versus national TV?  This also annoys newsrooms because the people who labor there for $23,500 a year already know the answer.

A couple of weeks ago, a great many Idahoans didn’t know the name McGeachin (pronounced Mick-gee-in).  Now she’s making appearances on Fox News and Newsmax.

She appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Wednesday.  You can see it at the YouTube video posted below.  I’ll repeat something I mentioned last week.  An apolitical friend at the office shared she’s a lot smarter than what the opposition believes.  And her opposition, as mentioned before, is the Governor himself.  This is going to be an entertaining primary.

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