This pandemic hasn't been easy for most people. Some people have had to completely change how they function at home and at work, which in some cases is the same place now. There are some who haven't seen any effect from the pandemic on their jobs and there are those who's job has become completely insane because of COVID-19. We often talk about the nurses and doctors, calling them Hospital Heroes, because this pandemic has put so much pressure and stress on the hospitals. My wife is a nurse and she comes home most days drained from the work she has to do.

We don't mention some of the other occupations that have been affected greatly by the pandemic, specifically janitors and cleaning crews. Cleaning up after people is already gross. I don't even like cleaning up after my kids and janitors go about every day cleaning up after people they don't even know. Imagine doing that at a hospital. Now during the pandemic they are cleaning up after strangers and having to do extra cleaning to make sure everything is as COVID-free as possible. Because of these unsung janitorial heroes we are able to touch counters and doors with relative little concern and we can enter a building without trash strewn everywhere. We've all been in a gross bathroom at a gas station or restaurant. That would be our world without janitors. So, thank you cleaning crews. We all appreciate you even if we don't realize how much we appreciate you.

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I actually thought about this while reading about a janitor at a hospital in Utah who was unable to take the bus to work so he rode his bike 37 miles in the middle of winter to do his cleaning job. There is a Go Fund Me set up for the guy to get him a car.

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