Washington Governor Jay Inslee is a global warming alarmist, tree hugger, and granola eater.  U.S. Senator Patty Murray of Washington is cut from the same cloth.  They appear to be new best friends with Republican Representative Mike Simpson of Idaho.  All three are potential dam busters.

Simpson wants to remove four dams on the lower Snake River.  I guess he’ll get a nice award after raising electricity costs and hamstringing the Port of Lewiston.  Trout Unlimited is celebrating the new Triple Entente between Washington and Idaho.  Inslee and Murray are demanding “swift action”.  What, no debate among so-called stakeholders?

We’re really close to cracking the nut when it comes to safe and miniature nuclear reactors.  How about we have swift action there?  Once we get replacement power in place, then it’s possible I’ll listen to the arguments from the earthy crowd on the left.

This isn’t going to go well for working people who are looking at record natural gas prices.  Gasoline was up 42 percent year-over-year.  Some staples in your local grocery store are up more than ten percent.  Rental costs are soaring and the price of a new home will leave you a mortgage slave.

These Gaia-loving lefties don’t mean you well!  They care more about fish than they do about you.

As for arguments, it’s supported by indigenous tribes, a point.  The tribal leaders don’t often represent the poor people of their tribes.  How will this end poverty on reservations?  The people who live there also buy gasoline and would like to turn on their lights.  Let’s do a poll.  How many would like to resume living under animal hides in the dead of winter?  Tell you what.  Offer them small-scale nuclear reactors for free.  For reparations.  Then they can build a sustainable local economy.

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