How does a rock legend keep himself busy and engaged after he's already seen and done it all? In the case of Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones, the answer appears to be "write an opera."

Jones recently discussed the project, which is based on August Strindberg's 'The Ghost Sonata,' with Red Carpet TV News, saying he was drawn to opera because "It's unlike anything else. It's the emotion, the passion."

It also sounds like it's relatively slow going for Jones, who said that while he's "halfway through the first act," writing a piece of music for this medium presents some unique challenges. Asked to name the biggest one, he responded, "The sheer scale of it, I think. I don't know. I'm probably about to find out what the challenges are."

Talk soon turned, of course, to the possibility of a Led Zeppelin reunion, and although Jones refused to rule out the possibility, he did point out that he's got other things going on at the moment. Saying he only has time to "do little gigs that I don't have to prepare too much for," he discouraged rumors of a 2014 tour by saying, "2014's full of opera for me at the moment."

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