a Damon Albarn of Blur has described his ongoing Africa Express tour as "a 24-hour party," and judging from Saturday's (Sept. 8th) show in London, it's a party with a pretty impressive guest list.

The tour -- which finds Albarn and company traveling by train and performing to raise awareness of African music and culture -- rolled into London's Granary Square over the weekend, providing a convenient excuse for some famous faces to jump up on stage and join the festivities, and giving the audience the once-in-a-lifetime chance to see former members of the Beatles and Led Zeppelin jamming together.

Zep bassist John Paul Jones was on hand early and often, appearing with the band for the first song and reappearing throughout the night. For the 15th song of the set, with Jones on mandolin, Paul McCartney came out to add bass to a performance of Rokia Traore's 'Dounia.'

And Sir Paul must have had fun, because he stuck around -- although he left the stage long enough to let someone named Keith Richards* sit in for a few songs (and watched the band tackle the Zeppelin classic 'Kashmir' with Jones on keyboards), he came back later in the marathon five-hour set to sit in on 'Coming Up' and 'Goodnight Tonight.' Check out the latter performance, embedded below, and kick yourself for not being in London over the weekend.

* update - we can't confirm that this Keith Richards is the one from the Rolling Stones. Sorry for any confusion our earlier headline created.

Paul McCartney and Africa Express, 'Goodnight Tonight'

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