Terry Buell is one hilarious dude and he always messes with me.

  1. He follows the news and politics WAY better than I do, I'll admit that.
  2. He's quick on his feet.
  3. He know A LOT about music!

However, I have a few tricks up my sleeve:

  1. I too am quick on my feet.
  2. I have boobs.

Yup, that's it.

Either way, I love Terry Buell, he's great and he always brings friends. This time around he brought in Johnny P...please call him Tom Cruise.  Why?

Well Terry asked both Johnny P and I "which celebrity do you think you look like."  I only said Grace Kelly because that's what my grandma says when I get dressed up, but Johnny P said Tom Cruise and I see it.  He's short, muscular, and he was wearing a white shirt.  :-)  Anyways.....

As for NASCAR racing action tonight at the Magic Valley Speedway, well, the stupid wind cancelled tonight's races! LAME!  I'll keep you posted once I know more about rescheduling.

And here's my interview with Johnny P and Terry Buell, thee voice of the Magic Valley Speedway:

A big thank you to Johnny P for putting up with our crap on the show!  Come back anytime!

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