HAILEY, Idaho (AP) — A judge has blocked actor Bruce Willis' plan to build a private airstrip in central Idaho.

The Idaho Mountain Express reports that 5th District Judge Robert Elgee ruled that Camas County commissioners violated state law when drafting an ordinance allowing individuals to obtain conditional-use permits to build a private airport in agricultural-zoned county lands.

Willis began construction on an 8,500-foot dirt runway last year. However, the project was halted in September after Planning and Zoning Administrator Dwight Butlin discovered that the airport site was on land zoned for agricultural use.

Work was allowed to resume when the county tweaked the ordinance, which sparked a lawsuit filed by Camas County residents. Elgee said in his May 19 ruling that Camas County showed a "complete disregard" for property rights and the well-being of the neighborhood. Camas County Attorney Matt Pember said the county was disappointed with the judge's decision.

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