Bruce Willis

No Bruce in Twin
There is a convincing story floating around the internet that Bruce Willis is tired of the LA scene and is planning to buy a new home here in Twin Falls.
Bruce Willis' New Movie
I don't pretend to be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I don't understand why the Internet is steaming mad over the upcoming new Bruce Willis movie "Death Wish".
Best Idaho Christmas Movie
Recently, we asked you to name your favorite Christmas movie. While we appreciate all of your input, all of the answers were wrong except one. In Idaho, Die Hard is the best Christmas movie ever and here are 5 reasons why.
Bruce Willis Building Airstrip In Idaho
Nobody wants to live next to an airstrip, unless it's a celebrity's airstrip...right? Even though Bruce Willis hasn't owned Solider Mountain in Fairfeld since 2012 he still owns property in Fairfeld.

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