Over the weekend the fiance and I went shopping and bought some herbs...nope, just some cilantro and parsley...we're not that cool anymore.  So with the herbs we got some dirt and I put this big ass bag of dirt on the bottom of the shopping cart and I made sure I paid for it.

The fiance and I both believe in karma.  So we paid for it and the balance between good and evil was restored.

This next story supports our belief in karma:  Dude shoplifts, dude crosses street, dude gets hit by car.  Sucks for him, but that's just karma baby.

DelawareOnline.com has the story: 40-year-old Sean Jones shoplifted from a store called "Deals" over the weekend in Delaware, fled the store and was hit by a car.

At the crash scene, troopers noticed numerous bottles of lotion and hand soap scattered on the roadway and on the hood of the Taurus.

So the cops figured he stole those items and then cited they guy:

Jones was then charged with shoplifting and cited for jaywalking and failing to carry a light on a roadway at night.

OK so, sucks for him...then they take him to the hospital and he gets released.  At the time the doctors didn't think his injuries were life-threatening.  Unfortunately, they were.  He died Sunday night.

Police said Jones’ body has been turned over to the medical examiner to determine the exact cause of death.

That blows.  Moral of the story: Karma is REAL!

VIA DelawareOnline.com