Anyone familiar with my stories on travel and leisure in southern Idaho I've written over the past nearly five years knows I love kayaking. A location I've spent a lot of time at is a section of the Salmon Falls Creek just 18 miles out of Twin Falls near the region's most celebrated rock.

I've kayaked all over southern and central Idaho. The one spot I keep coming back to is the same narrow waterway surrounded by truly unique, basalt rock formations, singing birds, and gently swirling blue waters. Balanced Rock Park is also the most underrated kayaking adventure in southern Idaho, and it's just a 20-minute drive from Twin Falls.

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The YouTube travel page, Life Outside Boundaries, featured my favorite floating creek in the Gem State. Balanced Rock Park was mentioned in the "Top 5 Attractions In Idaho" video from July 2021, and I believe they nailed it. The lazy float takes less than an hour to complete if you're in a hurry, but please try to avoid rushing the adventure if you can.

The float also includes several neat rock face caves, one of which I refer to as the "Bat Cave," and numerous formations that resemble faces etched into rock. Some of the rocks appear to have actual expressions, which is cause to slow down and take advantage of some great photo opportunities.

Greg Jannetta
Greg Jannetta / Be Funky
Greg Jannetta ; Salmon Falls Creek (Balanced Rock Park) "Bat Cave"

If you've never floated the creek at Balanced Rock Park but plan to soon, I hope you enjoy the experience as much as I have over the past decade.

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