You probably know this already, but there is a reason why you don't date guys from Northern Idaho. If you need a refresher, please accept this as exhibit A.

Then, they gave a tall friend the chain saw

YouTubers NoAnchorTV shared this about their recent adventures up north.

After my recent travels I headed home to spend time with my family. Today I join my Brother in law in some good North Idaho fun. Golfing off of fallen tree houses and shooting 30/30's honestly isn't that out of the norm at Joey's place.

Where to start? Well, first of all, these geniuses built a tree fort way up in the air where the wind keeps blowing it down. Strike One. Next, they decide to remedy this by knocking down the walls of the tree fort by hitting golf balls into them. Strike Two. Then, they gave a tall friend the chain saw. Strike Three, and you're out.

My favorite quote? Had to be this conversation between our Northern Idaho friends. "How big do you want this fire? I mean that's probably enough right there. It just needs enough open flame to explode when we shoot it".

Alrighty then.

To be fair, these guys seem like they would be a ton of fun to hang around with. But, the point is that I doubt these fellas are looking for a long-lasting relationship, ladies. Unless of course you have a tree fort that the wind hasn't knocked down yet.

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