I recently took a vacation to Coeur d'Alene. We loved our rental on the river. The kayaks enjoyed the change in scenery. Oh look, there's Silverwood. My husband and I are both big amusement park fans and never miss a chance to get our coaster on. Why not? We're already right here. So, since I've been to Lagoon several times, I figure I'll give you the personal comparison.

Lagoon is about 3 hours away vs. Silverwood about 9 hours. Well, we were already there, so okay. Lagoon ticket prices are sitting at $58.95 for a regular pass vs. Silverwood at $51.00. Silverwood seemed considerably smaller. Looking at just the bigger rides, they've got a couple great wood roller coasters (my personal favorite), Spincycle, Corkscrew, Panic Plunge, and Aftershock. Lagoon has Cannibal, Colossus, Rocket, Samurai, Wicked, Cliff Hangar, Wild Mouse, Roller Coaster and more. Each have comparable smaller rides - kinda like you would find at a county fair - but again, Lagoon just has more choices. Silverwood does have a magic show. It was pretty fun. Though I did see a group of dancing chainsaw wielding people at Frightmares. They both have a water park with slides, river, the good stuff. I do have to say that at least Silverwood was not as packed. I don't mind lines at amusement parks, but they can become a bit overwhelming at Lagoon.

My choice for your time spent is Lagoon. Again, I wouldn't pass up Silverwood if I were already in the area, but I wouldn't make a trip just to go there. The kids enjoyed a day away from the house - it was raining and amusement parks still run when it's damp.

Oh, and we happen to be giving away a family 4 pack of tickets to Lagoon. So, there's that.

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