Children of the 90s remember Michael Jordan for his amazing skills on the basketball court… that and the goofy Bugs Bunny movie ‘Space Jam.’ Almost twenty years later there’s another basketball superstar, LeBron James, who believes he should get a shot at starring in a ‘Space Jam 2.’

Since we live in a digital age where a single comment from a social media outlet will set the whole internet off into a frenzy, it’s safe to say that LeBron James knew what he was doing yesterday. He shot off a tweet stating that he’d love to star in ‘Space Jam 2′ if that were ever to become a reality.

Now not everyone is a fan of the gold medal winning athlete, but you can’t say that this won’t get people in theater seats. LeBron James is a name and overall one of the greatest basketball players out there in the game today. If Warner Bros wanted to go ahead and suddenly rehash one of their earlier properties and expand it, why not ‘Space Jam’? If they were able to make a sequel that still maintained the same amount of cheesiness as the previous movie we’ll more than likely eat it all up. That and there has to be some killer cameos in there just like in the first one, along with a random inspirational song sung by R. Kelly.

Do you want to see LeBron James star in a ‘Space Jam’ sequel? Why or why not?

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