Ted Nugent, a fully-automatic machine gun, a helicopter and an overpopulation of feral hogs … one can pretty much figure out what that combination leads to. In the trailer for an episode of ‘Pigman: The Series’ an announcer explains why the hogs are dangerous before Nugent and Brian “Pigman” Quaca take to the sky.

Warning: the video below does not show blood, but it does show hogs getting killed and may not be suitable for work or all viewers. Nugent is featured prominently throughout the 2:45 long clip, offering such gens as ”It should be illegal not to do this,” and ”This is a perfect Sunday in Texas, and everybody remember you can’t do this in France.”

‘Aporkalypse Now’ began airing Sunday night (Aug. 26) on the Sportsman Channel. Quaca says he and Nugent are saving farmland by eradicating hogs that cause millions of dollars of damage each year, by uprooting landscapes across the country (and specifically Texas) in search for food. “Ariel depredation pig hunts in Texas are highly regulated and the pilots do not take chances,” he says on the show’s website. “They are strategic and have a full understanding of what they are trying to accomplish.”

The show will hardly sound like an act of civic duty to animal lovers, and the rhetoric offered by Nugent won’t help. ”Alright we got an M4, POF Upper, M16 lower, 750 round-a-minute, piston-fed, fully automatic pigwacker,” Nugent shouts from the chopper. It’s not clear if the rocker will appear in future episodes of the series. You can watch the full trailer HERE.

Watch a clip of the ‘Aporkalypse Now’ Trailer (Graphic)

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