Maybe the first year of pandemic living was good for something: the number of UFO sightings in Idaho skyrocketed in 2020 to almost 130 reportings. The number of sightings in 2019 was also more than 100, but 2021 has been significantly less exciting.

UFO Sightings In Idaho On The Decline

It makes sense that there would be more UFO sightings in 2020. Everyone was stuck at home and we had already binge-watched all the shows we could. We all got bored, ventured out of our houses, and surprised all the aliens who thought we would be hiding indoors. In 2020, there were 128 UFO sightings reported. Back in 2019, the number was 104. So far in 2021, there have only been 39 reports. I have a theory on why there are fewer sightings this year.

Aliens Can Get COVID Too

Just like in the War of the Worlds story, I think the aliens can get sick the same as humans and that has been their demise. We hid in our houses, they ventured out more and got sick. Their alien immune systems couldn't handle the human virus and they died. There are still some out there, but not nearly as many as before and that is why we've seen a decline in reported sightings on the NUFORC (National UFO Reporting Center) website.

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There Have Been Some Good UFO Sightings In Idaho In 2021

Just because there has been a decline in sightings doesn't mean that the quality of sightings has gone down. A recent report says that a UFO was chased off by helicopters near Pocatello. Another sighting claimed there was a multi-colored light in the sky. Fishermen in Ririe saw a shape-changing UFO and the sparkling sword UFO near Meridian was exciting. I even caught a UFO on my dashcam last month, but that was probably just a meteor. That's a reminder that 'UFO' doesn't mean it's an alien spaceship.

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