March in Idaho and across the country began with floods of calls to investigators of unidentified aerial phenomena. These individuals that wasted the time of these alien researchers obviously weren't informed about the major planetary event that ushered in the third month of 2023, including one southwest Idaho resident.

Do you remember if you happened to look to the evening sky on March 1, 2023? Do you recall seeing two massive, bright objects that altered positions over the course of 24 hours? I saw them too, along with the rest of the United States.

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Garden City is located approximately 130 miles northwest of Twin Falls. A resident there took a photograph just before 7 P.M. on March 1 and sent it to the National UFO Reporting Center. The two large UFOs were described by the witness as "some kind of aerial object just hovering in the sky with numerous lights on it," according to the NUFORC incident report that was published on March 6.

I particularly enjoyed the line in the report when the witness stated he/she went outside to "get my plants." I'm sure that helped the Men In Black (UFO investigators) of the NUFORC with its investigation, which couldn't have required much investigating at all due to the fact that most people with a television or Internet were aware that Jupiter and Venus were going to be predominantly displayed in the night sky the evenings of March 1-2.

This sighting was easily debunked in the center's report with the explanation in the notes section that read, "Jupiter and Venus." On to the next UFO.

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