Gaming: Bigby's a little worse for the wear in new The Wolf Among Us Episode 4 "In Sheep's Clothing" stills. [Arcade Sushi]


Optimus Prime Pen

Toys: Fans can transform and write out with a fully transformable upcoming Optimus Prime/Convoy action figure that doubles as a writing utensil. There'll also be a Black Convoy version. [BBTS]


Movies: With X-Men: Days of Future Past opening this weekend, it's not a bad time to go over everything that was wrong with The Wolverine. [Cinema Sins]


Natsuki Okamoto Spider-Man

Cosplay: Japanese TV personality Natsuki Okamoto makes a jolly Spider-Woman. [Kotaku]


Video: Teens react to Attack on Titan in this video proving that it's already pretty recognizable to kids in America. [The Fine Bros]


tentacruel idontexist lego

LEGO: LEGO Ideas user idonutexist's Pokémon are blocky beauts. [idonutexist]

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