Could I interest you in a unit in an Idaho ski lodge? Why not live the Sun Valley dream and rub elbows with the rich and/or famous? Check this place out.

The address (be sure to write this down so you and the in-laws can visit later) is 11 Chilali Lodge in Sun Valley. The listing is so new it's not (as of the time I write this) on Zillow yet or even the listing real estate company website.

I looked and could not find any listing price, which is probably good since my math teacher never taught me how to deal with a bunch of zeros and commas.

I realize that I am way to redneck to even dream about this because the thing I'm most excited about is the BBQ on the roof. How crazy awesome would that be?

On top of the roof BBQ, you get all the typical Sun Valley ski lodge amenities like underground parking, exercise something-or-other, women feeding you grapes, etc.

As for me, I (in my dream world where I have money to buy stuff) would be eating my rooftop BBQ outside in that sauna staring at the mountains. What about you? Shall we pool our lunch money together and buy this?

Or, we can keep dreaming for free.

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