Idaho does many things differently than most other states. Because of our 'ways' there are other states that look at Idaho as strange or not even being a real state. Yes, there are some who believe Idaho doesn't exist. Who's the weirdo now? Walmart even looked past us in their drive-in theater parties. Despite judgement from all sides, Idaho continues to be awesome. Who cares if we have occasional dairy-air, really weird names for some towns, or an oddly large number of classic cars. Idaho is like a honey badger and just doesn't care. That doesn't mean we get off without judgement on everything though, because there is still some stuff that is strange even for us.

For example: I think it will always be weird to see an actual, live sheep inside a car. This happened south of Twin Falls.

I also think it is pretty strange to have a cow chilling in the bed of your truck while driving around town. This video comes from up near Boise.

Living animals aren't the only odd things we are putting in our vehicles. Do you remember ever seeing the truck that would drive around town with a human skeleton and a dog skeleton? They would dress it up for the holidays too. I haven't seen it for a few years though. We even have people who put weird mannequins in their yards - the Tiger King setup was great and now they have it as the mannequin fishing for Nemo (from Finding Nemo).

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