The Trailing of the Sheep Festival is a yearly tradition in Sun Valley where you can literally watch hundreds of sheep parading through the city streets. The entire festival is a celebration of Basque culture that helped shape the area.

This year the festival will be Tuesday, October 5th through Sunday, October 10th. The Tuesday is a new addition that is a farm to table dinner with American Lamb and local produce. That sounds delicious to me.

Throughout the week there are different classes on how to cook with lamb, cooking with different cuts of lamb and learning different recipes. There is also sheepdog trials that begin on Thursday October 7th. Oh and we can't forget the cheese making class.

Later in the week there is a Wool Fest where you can see things like stained glass felted scarf, modern skinnfelling and more. And of course a Q & A about sheep ranching

At 7 pm on Friday you can gather around for some storytelling and celebrating of different sheep tales. That sounds like a ton of fun.

They have some special stuff for kids on Saturday as well as a Peruvian Ballet Folklorica at 8 pm Saturday.

The entire thing ends with the actual trailing of the sheep parade where the sheepherders come through the city with their sheep. They will also stick around after for a hike and some stories.

You can get the full list of events and exactly what is going on when by going to their website.

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