Here's an amazing job that you could really relish! Get it...relish?

You could be driving the Oscar Mayer Wiener-mobile on a promotional tour all around the country!

Are you a recent college graduate and still haven’t found your life’s calling yet? Here’s an idea, why not become an adventure-seeking hot dogger?

Oscar Mayer is looking for new  “Oscar Mayer Hotdoggers” to drive the Wiener-mobile around the country for a year. In case you’re excitement momentarily blinded you, let me say it again. You, yes YOU, can drive the Oscar Mayer Wiener-mobile around the country for the next year and get paid to do it!

On the Wienermobile website, Oscar Mayer company is looking for qualified would-be Hotdoggers to submit their applications for a chance to spend a full year on the road representing Oscar Mayer.

That would look pretty good on a resume wouldn’t it? Just think about all the hot dog stories you can tell you friends and family about!


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