YouTube; Lalas Burlesque

A highly renowned burlesque group based in Los Angeles will be heading up through Nevada in August for two nights of scantily clad, seductive routines, from some of the most elite dancers in the industry.

The Lalas was created by LA celebrity choreographer Erin Lamont. The group performs 75-minute shows throughout the country at event venues, birthday and bachelorette parties. These beautiful, funny and talented women have performed with the cast of Wicked, as well as on a number of nationally televised programs, such as The Voice and Tosh.O.

"We tour. We tease. We dance. We celebrate female empowerment, respect and love," is the motto of the group, which is made up of 11 primary dancers. The Lalas will perform at Cactus Pete's, in Jackpot, August 2-3 on the Gala stage, according to the resort's website.

For more details on The Lalas performance in Jackpot, call 775-755-2321.

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