JEROME, Idaho (KLIX)- Work is underway in Jerome on a museum totally dedicated to veterans of the Magic Valley. Eric Bolich is a Magic Valley retired veteran and the chair for the Northside Military Museum working to get a veterans museum up and running. Bolich says the "basic idea behind the museum is to preserve the memories of the veterans in the area." He says that includes all branches of the military in all conflicts.

Already the group has nearly 60 items donated or on loan for display. The museum will be in the old Pioneer Hall log building in Jerome just next to the county building. The building is a piece of history too dating back to the 1930's as the Works Progress Administration and served as the Boy Scouts headquarters in the area and later as the Jerome Historical Society's museum for a time.

Eric's wife Amanda Bolich says "I think its important to keep the building active in the community because it is such and important piece of the local heritage. there are people from several generations back that can remember being in the building. So bringing it back to life, giving it a new purpose, will help future generations also appreciate the building and the community that its here to serve."

The city of Jerome is leasing the building to the group with the requirement that it be brought up to ADA compliance. Eric says they are working on an ADA bathroom as well as ramp. The couple says that so far so many people have come forward and donated their time, money or items to the museum. They say they could always use more help and volunteers are always welcome. They hope to have the museum open by Veterans Day this year. You can find out more at Northside Military Museum's Facebook page




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