Wednesday morning (April 28) I could feel some real heat emanating from the sun as I sipped coffee from my Twin Falls' front porch. I checked the area forecast on my phone, and learned that conditions are about to get a whole lot warmer in the next 48 hours.

Twin Falls had yet another typical winter this year. Oddly fluctuating temperatures, snowfall that rapidly melted, wind gusts that toppled trees and cut power to sections of the city, and so on and so forth. The past eight weeks or so in the Magic Valley has seen its usual 30 degree temperature drops and brief, rolling thunderstorms.

My last two planned hiking trips ended up not panning out due to freak heavy winds, but the next three days or so are looking ideal to get out and soak up some sun. The current Twin Falls weather forecast is predicting temperatures to reach the mid to upper 80s on Friday, which could result in record breaking temperatures for this time of year. also predicts a return of breezy conditions late-Saturday into Sunday, and again a daytime temperature drop of between 20 and 25 degrees late in the weekend.

It appears the month of May will begin warm, so if you have the chance to get outdoors Friday and Saturday, I'd take full advantage of it before a 72-hour cooling period starts on Sunday, in which wind gusts are also forecasted to exceed 20 miles per hour.

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