I have to admit that when I looked out the window this afternoon and the sky was turning gray and the snow started falling, I was way more excited about it than my kids were. I was almost giddy. I ran outside to take pictures and catch the flakes on my hand. Sadly, none of the snow stuck and the flakes stopped falling after a few minutes.

When Will It Snow In Twin Falls?

I'm sure there are quite a few of you who were not excited at all when it was snowing and that's OK. Not everyone loves snow and being cold. But even if you don't really like snow, do you at least get excited when the first real snow starts falling for the season?

My little dog was not impressed with the snow the flakes stuck to her fur.

credit N8
credit N8

Looking at the forecast for the rest of 2021, you don't need to get your hopes up that we'll be getting a blizzard. The conditions on Weather.com don't run through the end of the year but don't show any chances of snow through the middle of December. In 2020 we were in a similar situation. We got some snow on the 13th and 15th but otherwise, December 2020 was not very wintery.

What Does The Farmer's Almanac Say

The almanac claims we are in for a colder and drier winter than normal. We can expect some snow late in December, late January, and early March.

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