HAZELTON, Idaho (KLIX) For 18 years Betty Dudley has made sure the coffee cups and utensils are set at the Garden of Eden Travelers' Oasis Truck Stop restaurant just off Interstate 84 near Hansen. Today she made sure the tables where ready while celebrating her 90th birthday. Monday through Friday, Dudley is at work at 7 a.m. and works a full day, serving coffee, clearing tables, and serving bacon and toast to the many travelers that pull off the interstate to grab a bite to eat. "She started to work for us when she was 72 years old and wanted to bus tables, and we said, 'Sure, if you can do it, we'd love to have you,'" said Cindy Young, Controller for the Oasis Stop and Go Truck Stop, who asks Dudley every year around this time if she plans to retire; the answer is always no. Dudley says she works because she wants to, not because she has to. "Just something to do," she says with a chuckle and admits she can't stay still for long. She has worked a number of jobs since moving to the Magic Valley from Nebraska in the 1950s with her husband, raised a family, and has always kept busy. She says she doesn't have plans to stop working at the restaurant. "I keep telling my kids I'll be here till a hundred, so (the restaurant) will have to put up with me that long." Dudley says she likes being around the people and doing something for someone.


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