Street corner mailboxes appear to be headed the way of pay phones.  Relics for museums.  The other day I was asking Facebook friends how many of these they any longer see in their hometowns.  The answer is, not many!

The drive up boxes often are on the passenger side of your car.

One woman, a graduate of my old high school and working for a newspaper back east, also had a complaint.  The drive up boxes often are on the passenger side of your car.  This can be a little tricky if you don’t have a passenger and Inspector Gadget arms.  Who had that great idea?

At the Fillmore Street Post Office in Twin Falls the boxes are on the driver side but I’ve got a beef about the design.  The concrete curb snakes in such a way it’s difficult to pull up flush to a box.  And letters sometimes balance on the mouth of the box and if the wind is blowing…

Newspaper boxes are also a diminishing sight.  There will always be people reading words printed on paper but at some point the online profit margin is greater than maintaining printing plants, boxes and a delivery system.  Shareholders will make some decisions and the daily printed paper will also be relegated to history.

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