Sometimes it can be difficult to express one's individuality in an office environment. How do people break out when so much is constricted? Enter doodads, gewgaws, and tchotchkes ad nauseum!

In a world where dress codes and cubby holes have us penned in, self expression doesn't have to take a backseat! My desk may look like a hidden picture game, but I get the work done.... mostly. To be honest, what you see in the photo is about 1/3 of what I have going on. It's an ordered chaos! Hey, this is the entertainment industry, and sometimes, I need to be entertained.

Wait, (searching for a purpose) conversation starters! People come in and are nervous about interviewing or recording. Enter conversation about 3D puzzles or 80's clay-mation figures! That and a candy from the bowl will loosen all tension.  Enter "put a spin on it"! Just remember that according to the movie, Office Space, you need at least 19 pieces of flair. Ya'll can count. I think I hit it!

To show some perspective, let's take a gander at my co-worker Brad's desk.

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They say a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind. What does an empty desk signify?

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