Some people might argue that if you NEVER go on vacation you are an amazing employee. Others may argue that taking a few vacations a year is necessary to be a good employee.

I think vacation is absolutely necessary. The more time you spend away from work the more you will like your job. According to, here are some signs that you might need to take a vacation:

1.  Every little problem feels like a huge issue.  We have all wanted to destroy our office phones because the light won't stop flashing.

2.  Your coworkers keep asking if you feel okay.  You are probably not sick but just need some time away from the rat race.

3.  You've been making more mistakes than usual.  It may seem like you can't get the littlest tasks right.

4.  You have more aches and pains than normal.

5.  You're having trouble sleeping.  You probably can't stop thinking about work, so you can't sleep.

6.  You're feeling overly cynical about your job.  If you suddenly hate your job, you need a vacation.


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