TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) A man is behind bars charged with making fake money in the Magic Valley thanks to a tip from a confidential source.

According to Twin Falls Police, Ricky Allen Coats is looking at several charges related to counterfeiting and forgery for making fake money; federal charges are also possible. Police say they served a search warrant Monday at a home southwest of Kimberly with the help from Twin Falls County Sheriff and the United States Secret Service.

Twin Falls Police say they were tipped off that money was being made at the home. In the last few months police have investigated several cases involving counterfeit cash in the form of $20 to $100 bills.

A number of items were taken as evidence including printers, computers, paper, checks, and counterfeit money. In a prepared statement Detective Sergeant Luke Allen said, "We know that there are still several notes in circulation and would encourage businesses to continue to be diligent in checking to confirm the authenticity of any bills they are receiving as payment."

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