MURTAUGH, Idaho (KLIX)- A Utah man making his way across the country on a bicycle to raise awareness and money for autistic children stopped in the Magic Valley.

Bob Quick started his journey in Canon Beach, Oregon on June 8th and slowly but surely made his way to the Magic Valley on June 30th, making a stop in Twin Falls and Burley. Quick is riding to raise money to buy iPads for autistic children "we've got to be able to help these kids. They've go to be productive. For them to be productive i Pads seem to work the best for them. Lets give them what they need. I'll be here to help them. I got a six year old autistic grandson named Bruce. That is why we decided to do this."

Quick says he figures he has peddled about 800 miles so far with roughly 3,200 miles to go. Quick made a stop in Murtaugh after having some minor problems with his bike. He got some help from a local who gave him a lift into Burley. In addition to riding for autistic children Quick is also making the trek in recognition of firefighters. He's stopped at many fire stations to visit with local firefighters and has them sign his bike packs.

I've had 23 hear procedures in 12 years. 16 heart stents placed and as of 2013 a pacemaker defib.

Quick, who is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, says he has encountered all sorts of people along his journey. Quick has had his number of close calls with death, not on the road but inside his chest: he suffered a massive heat attack several years ago. "I've had 23 hear procedures in 12 years. 16 heart stents placed and as of 2013 a pacemaker defib." says Quick.

The Utahan plans to make stops in his home town of Roy, Utah, St. Paul, Minnesota and end in New York City. Quick keeps a blog when he can were you can find out more about his charity run across the country.

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