There aren't very many things in life as beautiful as freshly fallen snow. Unconditional love is pretty special too.

As many Idahoans continue to dig their way out of several inches of snow that fell throughout the state this week, finding time to take delight in this most recent frigid gift from Mother Nature is also a top priority for some. Building snowmen, tubing, and creating snow angels are things kids get excited about once the snow falls. For parents and grandparents, getting to watch is one of the sweeter things in life as well.

We just got pummeled by a winter storm earlier this week that dropped snow for nearly three straight days where I live. One of the first things we did was get our six-year-old son outside in the yard to build a snowman. Naturally, tubing and snow angels came next.

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Greg Jannetta

Nothing brings me more delight in life than to see my kids smiling and having fun. In a recent video upload to YouTube, a dad and grandfather take their little man out to the snow in Garden Valley for some much-needed winter play. The video is titled, "Autism Snow Angel Fun In Garden Valley Idaho," and is incredible to watch.

You can really tell that this boy is loved and well taken care of. The family video was shot at approximately 6,000 feet up in the mountains, according to the description by the father who stands by and watches his dad take the reins on this one.

What an absolutely touching video. I appreciate the fact that it was shared. Happy New Year Idaho!

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