Idaho is home to some of the most beautiful lakes on Earth. A man traveling through southcentral Idaho recently named Russell shared a photograph of an uncaptioned lake he saw in a magazine and wants to know about it.

Stanley Lake has always been my favorite thing about the Gem State. McGown Peak looming over the water is like something straight off a postcard. I've always enjoyed my visits walking the shoreline, kayaking, and spending an afternoon on the sand admiring the scenery.

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A Reddit user who recently spent some time in the area picked up a magazine that dealt with state adventures at a store and came across a picture of an Idaho lake that he claims had no caption anywhere in the publication. The exact image in the magazine was shared on the social media site on July 31, 2022.

One response from a reader identified Mount Heyburn as a possible source of the photograph. Alice Lake also has a very familiar landscape that includes dozens of small islands with trees and jagged peaks, but the ridge looks slightly off.

The massive March 31 earthquake of 2020 reportedly crumbled portions of popular climbing sites, and depending on how old the photo is, some Idaho ridgelines were forever altered by the 6.5 magnitude quake and will never look the same.

If you are familiar with this Gem State location, you can use the Reddit link I've provided to the post in this story and help this traveler identify the lake.

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