For anyone who has spent time in the Custer County region of the Sawtooth Mountains, you're already aware of the marvelous landscape that makes this area of Idaho an outdoor enthusiast's playground.

In the summer months, my family and I spend a great deal of time visiting this portion of Idaho. Of all the spots I've visited in southern Idaho, I haven't come across anything that rivals the surroundings of the city of Stanley. Alturas Lake, Stanley Lake and McGown Peak are three of my most favorite sights to see in the state. I've spent many afternoons floating in my kayak beneath the shadows of the jagged, rocky ridges that tower over Stanley Lake.

When I can't find time to travel to this area of the Gem State, I enjoy living vicariously through the footage of drone pilots that share remarkable area visuals on just about a weekly basis. I recently came across an upload to YouTube from a few weeks ago that catches some incredible aerials above another of the region's stunning landmarks, Redfish Lake.

Redfish is a lake I haven't had the chance to explore much of. Its been overly crowded the few times I've stopped by, and when making the nearly three-hour drive to this section of south central Idaho, my aim is to avoid as many people as possible and find peace.

From start to finish, this three-minute video includes some fantastic aerials of this section of the Sawtooth Mountains, and gives those us of who haven't seen much of Redfish Lake a reason to want to explore further.

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