We hear the same ole song just about every day. There are so many Californians moving to Idaho. After watching this video, I now think I know why. As it turns out, pools in California are not safe.

This video was shared on YouTube by ViralHog. Here's the description:

A mother bear and two cubs came down from the San Gabriel Mountains into our neighborhood. The bears swam for a few minutes and then left made their way back towards the mountain. My wife Jenny, witnessed the event with me. We are accustomed to having a lot of wildlife in our area.

This happened near Monrovia, California. You can see why bears might be an issue there.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Mountains and wilderness = bears. Swimming pools near the mountains = place for bears to play in water. If that's the reality in California, maybe that's why southern Idaho starts looking pretty good.

Should we tell them about the wildlife in the South Hills or no?

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