For the second time in the past week, a case of measles has been confirmed by Idaho health officials.

It's been almost a week since it was publicly announced Idaho had its first case of measles in nearly two decades, and now state health officials are reporting another one. The latest reported case involves a young child who had only received partial immunizations due to age, according to a June 7 report by Idaho North Central District Public Health.

It is believed the child in this latest case was exposed to the disease while visiting another country. Latah County now has two confirmed cases of measles this year, with both children being members of the same family. The first case (reported June 5) involved a child that was too young to receive vaccinations.

Measles can be passed on through air born contact for up to two hours by an infected person. The health department is currently contacting all parents who had children at the north Idaho clinic where the infected child was treated.



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