Flu season is still going strong in the Magic Valley but this year it has been accompanied by a fear of measles too. With the outbreak of measles in Washington state there has been a growing fear and push for the measles vaccine in Idaho residents. Despite the very real and close to home possibility of a measles outbreak in Idaho there are still around 4,000 Idaho kids who have not been vaccinated. My coworker calls the parents of these kids 'jerks' for not taking care of their kids. It isn't just the kids though that we should be worried about.

Some elderly who think they are vaccinated may not be effectively protected anymore. I didn't know this about the vaccines we got as kids - Vaccines.gov says they lose their potency over time. Elderly people may need to get their shots again to remain properly protected, especially those born between 1957 and the early 70's. If you aren't sure whether you need to get your shots again you can schedule a visit with your doctor, take the Adult Vaccine Assessment quiz, or you can check out the recommended schedule for those over 65 at the CDC website.

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