This (above) is fifteen year-old Hannah Newhouse.  She's still in High School people!  This chick is also a cheerleader at Twin Falls High School AND she's leading in points so far this year.

I got the opportunity to meet her today...thank you Terry!  Learn all about this young Nascar racer below in my interview!  Girl Power!  

Oh and she's even got a website: Hannah Newhouse.  Check it out...mostly because she's awesome, but also because I told her that Snake VIP's rock and would click on her site.  Don't let me down people!

Saturday night at the Magic Valley Speedway there's racing action from the Supers, Streets, Dogs, Hornets, and Sixes.  Plus everything else the Magic Valley Speedway offers you: Family-friendly fun, food, drinks, and beer if you want it!Gates open at four, races start at six AND on May 12th Mr. Dizzy will be back at the Magic Valley Speedway with a surprise jump!

We'll be giving away tickets to the Magic Valley Speedway all season long, so start winning here! And you can score discounted advanced tickets at Mr. Gas.

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