When it comes to planning a themed party for your child, selecting the right talent is a make or break decision. There is one Twin Falls' entertainer that offers a skill set that is unrivaled in the Magic Valley.

Disney, fairies, ponies, princesses and unicorns probably top most parent's lists when planning a young girl's themed party. What if I told you that right here in Twin Falls, your little girl could have the option of being entertained by a mythological, double-X-chromosome fish, that is well read, is a whiz with safety scissors and cardstock, and can spin a yarn with the best of them.

Slam dunk...right?

Meet Mermaid Millie, Twin Falls' ONLY mermaid-for-hire. If kept well saturated, Millie offers a wide range of talents. Millie is well versed in arts & crafts, loves to tell stories, and will make herself right at home in your Doughboy.

So next time you're planning your daughter's birthday party, don't settle for "Frozen." An attractive, large-finned, mythic-sea-mammal, might just provide the hedonism...I mean...enjoyment... you seek.

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