This weekend is going to be a lively one in Twin Falls as the Fourth of July holiday means a three-day weekend for many Magic Valley residents. Fireworks shows are planned in southern Idaho this weekend, as well as other great events such as a classic car show on Blue Lakes Boulevard.

I love this time of year. We are only a week into summer, fireworks stands are bustling, the weather is getting warm, barbecues are getting lit, and perhaps the best three-day weekend all year is just about here.

If you didn't get the opportunity to reserve a campsite up north over the holiday weekend, it's fine, because there are some pretty great events planned between now and Monday as our country prepares to celebrate our independence in Twin Falls. Safe and sane fireworks are currently for sale at a number of Twin Falls sites, including Browns TNT Fireworks Booth in the Albertson's shopping center on Blue Lakes Boulevard and Addison Avenue.

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Details regarding the Saturday, July 2 car show from 7-10 P.M. were shared on Classic Cruisers Facebook page on Monday. The event is being hosted by Browns Booth, which is highly visible at the 5-Point intersection near the Boot Barn, and is a popular seller of city fireworks.

The Classic Cruisers also have another car show planned for July 22 in Twin Falls near Walmart. We hope you all celebrate the upcoming holiday safely and responsibly, and please remember to avoid using any illegal fireworks.

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