A rare cosmic occurrence is set to light the evening sky across North America for two days leading into the end of the week.

December 13-14, the Geminid Meteor Showers, which routinely produce between 100-120 solar missiles per hour, are set to dazzle many in the skies above North America. This year there will be an added bonus coinciding with the event. The moon will also be full both Friday and Saturday evening.

Temperatures do affect visibility of the Geminids, whose flight paths appear to originate in close proximity to the Gemini constellation. The colder the temperature region, the less likely one is to get a good look at the astonishing display. There are less than two weeks worth of evenings in a full calendar year where as many meteors can be viewed in a single hour as when the Geminids are active.

Reclining to a 45 degree angle in a chair is advised when attempting to view the Geminids. Obviously, the combination of cloud cover and a full moon may prevent some from getting an unfettered view of the occurrence. Finding the darkest possible area to view, and allowing your eyes to adjust to darkness for at least 15 minutes, is also recommended for optimal viewing.

While December's full moon, or "Cold Moon," peaks on the evening of December 12, the luminescent body should still be in its almost completely visible state through Saturday, the final evening the Geminids will shine for a while above North America.

For more information on viewing the Geminids in Idaho, click here.

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